Disaster Recovery as a service (Draas)

When a total disaster occurs, a remote location for your VMware environment is the only thing that will keep your business operational.

However, the cost of designing, architecting and hosting a disaster recovery site for VMware environments is prohibitively expensive. Add in server cost, licensing cost, and management of the environment and before you know it, you’re spending more budget and adding more staff. North American businesses operate in an era where the cost of downtime is more than $700 Billion annually. Businesses are under constant pressure to protect their data with the ability to rapidly recover from a disaster to support employee productivity.

This constant pressure requires businesses to make certain IT environments are resilient. IT resilience encompasses workloads including disaster recovery, data protection, and long-term retention.

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Net Concepts AZ llc. is a partner with Axcient.  We use the Axcient full line of products to offer our customers a managed, best in class line of solutions.