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File Server Cloud MigrationRansomware RollbackSecurity and Compliance
Migrate your on-premise file server to the cloud for secure access anywhereOur file sync service continuously backs up all data and supports point-in-time restore in the case of accidental deletion or malwareOur data and application security is rated highest in the industry, and provides capabilities so compliance audit requirements are met

Business growth depends on the unrestricted and secure flow of information.

The traditional file server, once the mainstay of resource sharing, has become a barrier to collaboration and productivity, and a target for hackers. To ensure security, file server access is often restricted to on-premise connections or problematic VPNs. This means accessing the file or document employees need can be a challenge and wastes time. To bypass these restrictions, users save files in a private folder instead of a shared drive, limiting data security to just a network password.
The result: reduced accessibility, diminished productivity, and lower security.
The rise of cloud services is changing the way businesses share information. Moving on-premises data and applications to the cloud is critical to increase employee productivity and remain competitive.

Net Concepts AZ helps businesses maximize employee productivity through secure collaboration in the cloud without the hassle of VPNs. In addition, NCAZ provides employees and administrators more granular access and control.

Net Concepts AZ Cloud Enabled File Services allow organizations to either synchronize or completely migrate file servers to the cloud. Using both approaches businesses can reduce the number of on-premise file servers , along with the associated costs. This also means costly file servers at Remote Offices or Branch Offices (ROBOs) can be eliminated.

By Cloud Enabling File Services, Net Concepts eliminates server management and the associated hardware, maintenance, and support costs. When on-premise performance is still needed Net Concepts can support a hybrid approach instead of complete file server migration. With hybrid clients can maintain an on-premise file server and synchronize files to the cloud. Many organizations prefer a hybrid approach due to work with large files or low network bandwidth.


Every day businesses are affected by malware, ransomware, and human error. Eliminate the time and worry of restoring files with our file sync service. Unlike other solutions the our solutions snapshot feature supports both revision rollback and restore deleted. More than a third of businesses hit with malware take at least a week to regain access to their data (source: Kaspersky).

Using the our solutions snapshot feature allows companies to immediately rollback ransomware by instantly restoring the data state to the point in time before ransomware infected files. This is possible because this solution continuously backs up files to the  cloud, allowing restoration to any point in time.

While malware and ransomware can significantly hurt a business, so can the much more common and every day occurrence of human error. Through restore deleted functionality, users and administrators can quickly address any files that are accidentally edited or deleted.

Net Concepts AZ llc. is a partner with Axcient.  We use the Axcient full line of products to offer our customers a managed, best in class line of solutions.