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The Armor for Enterprises:
Office 365 Protection

The move to Office 365 makes sense for many companies. Automatic software updates and security fixes, access to documents anytime from anywhere on any device. And it’s automatically backed up, right? Wrong.

More than 30% of small businesses have migrated on-premise Microsoft Exchange servers to Office 365 in the cloud, and the trend is accelerating. Small businesses are moving to the cloud for “access anywhere” productivity and more efficient budget management using OpEx. However, there are two things most small businesses don’t know about Office 365:

  1. Microsoft provides no guarantee against data loss and
  2. your Office 365 account can still be hacked – “access anywhere” productivity comes with a cost, and the cost is additional risk to your data.

Per Microsoft one of the most common security support requests is for assistance remediating account compromise. The most common scenario is an employee becoming the victim of a phishing scam and the attacker gaining the password to their account. Now that attacker can delete all the employee data.

The third risk SMBs should be aware of: Microsoft only retains data for 14 days after deletion. This policy can violate compliance requirements in certain industries, and also affect companies when employees accidentally or deliberately delete files. Take, for example, upon an employee’s termination.

This is the exact reason Office 365 Protection exists – to ensure that an enterprise will never shut down due to compromised data, security breaches, or poor decision-making. To shield your data from these fatal and potential risks, Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) offers the following features:

  • Policies that can be configured towards threat protection that determine the level of security for the organization
  • Real-time reports that allow an overview and complete visibility of the ATP’s performance
  • The capability to investigate, analyze, replicate, and prevent threats to your organization
  • Time-saving capabilities to investigate and respond to incidents and issues via automation


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