Risk Assessment


Threat of departing employees: Who is deleting lots of files from a file server?

Nearly every industry has been battered by the pandemic, and it’s no wonder that organizations have already started laying off workers. All too often, though, disgruntled employees leaving an organization try to wreak havoc on its business processes by deleting critical data.  

How can Netwrix Auditor help?

Certain user activity, like mass data deletion from a file server, is a dead giveaway that someone is tampering with your sensitive data. Netwrix Auditor can spot that activity and notify you immediately. Simply set up alerts on events that you consider high-risk, and you’ll know about insider threats in time to respond effectively.

Learn more about how Netwrix Auditor makes it easy to detect, investigate and prevent unauthorized insider activity >> https://www.netwrix.com/insider_threat_detection.html


IT Risk Assessment: Which vulnerabilities put your business at risk?

As organizations have increased their reliance on remote working and online services during the pandemic, cybersecurity threats are escalating. Businesses are being bombarded with phishing campaigns and ransomware attacks, and layoffs and benefit cuts mean the insider threat has grown as well. IT risk assessment is the first step in defending your business against these threats: It reveals the security gaps that put your critical data at risk, so you can address them before you suffer a breach.

How can Netwrix Auditor help?

Netwrix Auditor’s Risk Assessment dashboard helps you understand your security posture in key areas at a glance, including your risks around permissions, data, and user and computer accounts. Automated assessment and clear scoring enable you to easily prioritize your risk mitigation efforts: Start with the area where the risk is highest and dive into the specific issues that require your immediate attention.

Learn more about how Netwrix Auditor makes it easy to identify and close security gaps >> https://www.netwrix.com/it_risk_assessment.html